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Meet Our Sewers!

Meet the amazing women who handcraft each bag you #carryyourstories in your travels & everyday. In honor of National Women's History month we asked our sewers a series of questions so you can get to know the even cooler personalities behind their sewing talents.  Nikki: Designer & Factory Manager Why did you come work for Treason? Aaron scouted me from our old job we used to work for and I was more than willing to jump at the chance. I eat and sleep bags, so as a designer myself  I saw Aaron and Jason’s dream as more than a bag company, but an opportunity of a lifetime to see this baby grow from scratch to a multi million dollar company....

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Carry Your Stories with Simon Benjamin (@teambenjamin11)

This is something new for Treason Toting Company. We are actively searching Instagram for friends friends of the brand that use our hashtag #carryyourstories and sending them interview questions about their journeys. This time we interviewed Simon Benjamin as he travels around Thailand with our Charles backpack. Check out how he carried his stories below.  Where did you #carryyourstories and what interested you in going there? I carried my story to Thailand. My cousin invited me on this trip to explore the beautiful beaches & rich culture. Why bring a Treason bag? My cousin said pack light because we will be backpacking to the different part of Thailand ( Phuket, Phi Phi, Chiang Mai & Bangkok ) but it didn't...

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2016 - Sold Out Year

2016 was a great year for Treason Toting Company. We opened our factory in City Garage and our store in Fells Point at 1714 Thames St. Every day something new was learned about the company and our customers. We attempted to forecast sales for the 2016 holiday season, but we quickly found that our projections were pleasantly off mark. The store quickly sold out of everything, leaving empty shelves and display hooks bare. For everyone that has visited our retail store, we appreciate the support and understanding. New inventory is coming every day and sold out signs are coming down. The online store is still up and running, but with a backorder wait period of 2 weeks. Selling out of...

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Treason Toting Company in Tokyo Japan - Carry Your Stories

Everyone doesn’t get a chance to take a risk like this, or decide to live their life like this. Follow Jason Bass from Treason Toting Company as he explores Tokyo Japan with friends. Risks are taken and new experiences are ahead. Travel light and carry your stories!Treason Toting Company goes from Baltimore, MD to Tokyo, Japan this year on a trip to discover, explore and experience with friends. Video shot by Hilton Carter (www.hiltoncarter.com) of Snack Shop (www.snackshop.party). Credits include: @JasonCBass@HiltonCarter@DJImpulse@Excelagram@Metalmaryo@Jmxwill@Snackshop.Party@TreasonTotingCoFeatured Products:The Charles (Backpack) https://www.treasontoting.com/collections/the-charlesThe Lexington (Tote) https://www.treasontoting.com/collections/the-lexingtonThe Utility Pouch (Small) https://www.treasontoting.com/collections/the-utility-pouch

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