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About Us

The Story

When we started Treason, we set out to create a product that could carry the tools of our trade: the scissors, tape measure, thread, needle, laptop, and notebooks that we use every day. Our bags tote the goods of the traveling craftsman, durable enough for the delicate iPad to the heavy hand tools. 

Though these tools must be carried locally between work and home, they also go much further during periods of travel and exploration. We wanted to create a product that reflects our experiences of local and worldly influences. Our timeless design trends and our high-quality materials will last for years.

We are Treason Toting Company

Our Motivation 

We are inspired by our hometown of Baltimore, where every day we walk around the streets and see the old factories, the former sail-cloth buildings, the hand-painted signs on brick walls. We see what used to be, and observe how the craftsman community here has an old-school way of operating. We want to contribute to that, and we want to be a part of bringing it back.

The name Treason Toting Company is inspired by our spirit of defiance. Treason can be defined as “the action of betraying something.” We seek to betray social and group expectations to shatter the status quo. We create our own lane, go against the grain, and follow our dreams even when others doubt us.

We know that we can do anything we want, and we can do it here in Baltimore. We ask you to commit Treason with us.